VISCOMAT 90 M 230V – 50/60 HZ PIUSI


The PIUSI VISCOMAT 90 M 230V — 50/60 HZ is a pump for the transfer of oil and diesel; it belongs to the PIUSI VISCOMAT VANE pump family.

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To see the products related to the VISCOMAT 90 M 230V – 50/60 HZ pump you can visit the PIUSI product page in the portalRicambiFG, or visit thePIUSI.

Visit also the VISCOMAT VANE pump family page, which also includes theVISCOMAT 90 M 230V – 50/60 HZ, within the PIUSI website. See also the datasheetwhich concerns VISCOMAT VANE pumps.


Viscomat Vane is a pump for the transfer of oil and diesel. It is available in Viscomat Vane 70 and Viscomat Vane 90 versions.

It is suitable for all applications where high suction capacities are required. It then finds direct use during the transfer of medium to high viscosity fluids.

High density fluids, such as oil, require a very high force during the transfer process. This is why PIUSI Viscomat Vane offers a constant flow rate and low viscosity (up to 500 cSt with a flow rate up to 50 l/min). Can be used in continuous operation with pressures up to 6 bar. The asynchronous motor, self-ventilated and closed, is also available in different voltages and frequencies. It is therefore applied in the most diverse working conditions as well as in various application areas.

The Viscomat Vane oil and diesel transfer pump offers the possibility to adjust closed flow operation thanks to the application of the by-pass integrated into the pump body.

The rotor POM blades (which is made of sintered steel) ensure good rotor strength during decanting. PIUSI Viscomat Vane is easily accessible from the pump side to ensure proper maintenance of the tightness of the rotating shaft.

Application: Agriculture, Industrial, Mining & Construction
Viscosity: up to 500 cSt
Flow rate: up to 50 l/min
Noise level: less than 70 dB

Manufacturer number: F00303M00

VISCOMAT 90 M 230V – 50/60 HZ PIUSI

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