VISCOMAT 70 OIL T 400V 50-60 HZ


The PIUSI VISCOMAT 70 OLIO T 400V 50-60 HZ is a pump for the transfer of oil and diesel; it belongs to the PIUSI VISCOMAT VANE pump family.

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To see the products related to the pump VISCOMAT 70 OIL T 400V 50-60 HZ you can visit the page dedicated to PIUSI products inside the portalRicambiFG, or visit thePIUSI.

Visit also the VISCOMAT VANE pump family page, which also includes theVISCOMAT 70 OLIO T 400V 50-60 HZ, within the PIUSI website. See also the datasheetwhich concerns VISCOMAT VANE pumps.


Viscomat Vane is a pump for the transfer of oil and diesel. It is available in two versions: Viscomat Vane 70 and Viscomat Vane 90. It is suitable for all applications requiring considerable suction capacity.

High performance

Oil, compared to other types of liquids, needs a much greater force due to its density during the transfer phase. For this purpose PIUSI Viscomat Vane uses the self-priming AC vane pump. This pump is able to guarantee a constant and regular flow rate with low viscosity (up to 500 cSt with a flow rate up to 50 l/min). Continuous operation ensures high suction capacities with pressures up to 6 bar. The Viscomat Vane pump is available in different voltages and frequencies; it is available in both single-phase and three-phase versions. Thanks to these characteristics, it adapts and finds application in various working conditions.

PIUSI Viscomat Vane also allows the control of closed delivery operation by applying the by-pass integrated into the pump body.


The rotor consists of sintered steel; has POM blades, which guarantee a considerable force to the rotor during the transfer phase. Proper maintenance of the tightness of the rotating shaft is ensured by accessibility from the pump side.

The noise level of the pump is below 70 dB.

Manufacturer code: F0033190A

VISCOMAT 70 OIL T 400V 50-60 HZ

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