The USB adapter for KEY-READER§ is used in the SELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT software (F0073801D).

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To see the products related to the USB adapter for KEY-READER§ you can visit the PIUSI products page in the portalRicambiFG. Or visit the website ofPIUSI.

The USB adapter for KEY-READER§ is used in theSELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT.

You can see information about the SELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT software by viewing the relevant datasheetor the Information brochure.


PIUSI SELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT is a software that facilitates reporting management as well as the configuration of delivery operations.

Self Service Management 2018 allows you to enter all the parameters useful to identify the different devices:

  • device name
  • serial number of dispensers
  • category.

It then provides records of all fuel or AdBlue® spillages. An easy-to-use filter window allows the setting of various parameters. It makes it easy to control reports based on the needs of all users.

PIUSI SELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT includes detailed icons that illustrate your devices. This will make their recognition easy and immediate at first glance. The software allows you to have a complete overview of your installed devices. Each device is assigned a unique code as soon as its configuration has been completed.

PIUSI SELF SERVICE MANAGEMENT also incorporates a calendar, useful for selecting the period of interest. It also allows you to view full screen graphs, clear and detailed. Finally there is the possibility to export the most important data in.pdf, .xlsx or .txt formats.

The software integrates various methods of data transfer. It also makes it possible to control and collect information in all conditions of use.

Manufacturer Part Number: R14144000


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