PIUSI K24 METER MMF LITER UW 1in BSP is a digital turbine liter counter. It is suitable for monitoring diesel oil and digital management of the dispensed fluid.

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PIUSI K24 is a digital turbine liter counter. It is particularly suitable to be applied in the field of fluid delivery management and monitoring.

Quality and precision PIUSI

The K24 litre count has been developed by PIUSI for monitoring the flow of low viscosity fluids.

It is characterized by a simple installation procedure. You can use it by mounting it in line or inserting it at the end of the supply pipe. The reading of the measured value is facilitated by the practical display, which can be applied in various positions.

PIUSI K24 has a robust body made of reinforced polyamide; the turbine is made of polypropylene; the electronic board is obviously sealed. These properties make it substantially suitable for any working condition.

Technical Specifications

The signal generated by the instrument is single-channel pulse, reed switch. The LCD display shows a partial of 5 digits from 0.1 to 99999, for a total of 6 digits 1 to 999999 Total, resettable. The maximum supported flow rate is 100 l/min.

The PIUSI K24 litre counter ensures an accurate counting of +/- 1%. Obviously, an inaccurate count can still be resolved by calibration of the device. It has a load loss of less than 0.03 bar at a flow rate of 100 l/min.

The working pressure can be up to 10 bar; the burst pressure is around 40 bar. It can be used without problems at temperatures between -10°C and +50°C. The fluid used must have a viscosity between 2 and 5.35 cSt. Includes 1″ BSP male threaded connections.

The swivel display makes the PIUSI K24 versatile and suitable for any working condition.

Degree of protection: IP65
Weight: 0.25Kg

Manufacturer code: F0040710A


Additional information

Weight450 g
Dimensions175 × 120 × 75 mm

Manufacturer Code


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