Group PANTHER-56 230-50 CUBE: finds application within the PIUSI CUBE 56 gas oil distributor (FG-0554, 00057500C).

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To see the products related to the PANTHER56 230-50 CUBE group you can visit the page dedicated to PIUSI products in the portalRicambiFG, or visit thePIUSI.

The PANTHER56 230-50 CUBE group finds application within the distributorCUBE 56-70-90.

CUBE 56-70-90

PIUSI CUBE 56-70-90 is a distributor developed specifically for private use. Allows the management of transfer, delivery and timely control of fuel consumption. It is specifically designed to work with diesel fuel.

It is highly versatile: in fact it can be mounted on the special pedestal, but also on drums, tanks, tanks or wall mounted.

CUBE 56-70-90 adapts to various industries including agriculture and logistics.

Intuitive and easy to use

PIUSI CUBE 56-70-90 includes a self-priming vane pump. Built-in bypass ensures excellent performance.

The CUBE 56-70-90 fuel dispenser features a self-priming vane pump with bypass for high performance. Good thermal protection and excellent mechanical seal guarantee the safety and reliability of the product.

PIUSI CUBE 56-70-90 also includes an automatic gun. A lever for starting/stopping the pump is present on the gun holder.

The access of foreign objects, potentially harmful to the rotor, is prevented thanks to the network filter, which helps prevent breakage.

Accurate consumption control

The CUBE 56-70-90 diesel distributor also includes a volumetric oscillating disc litre counter that allows the management of the dispensing. This tool allows, of course, the instantaneous monitoring of the quantity delivered.

General Features:

The PIUSI CUBE 56-70-90 private diesel distributor achieves a maximum flow rate of 56 l/min.

Works with 230 V single-phase power supply. Delivers a maximum power of 350W. The maximum current consumption is 3 A.

The tube has a length of 4mt and a diameter of 3/4″.

Noise is also less than 75dB. The total weight is 21 kg.

Accuracy in counting is finally +/- 1%

Manufacturer code: R11528000


Additional information

Weight7502 g
Dimensions450 × 300 × 370 mm

Manufacturer Code


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