E 120M + FLANGE D.80 is an electric pump for the transfer of diesel suitable for all applications of use that require a high performance product and durable over time.

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To see the products related to the pump AND 120M + FLANGES D.80 you can visit the page dedicated to PIUSI products within the portalRicambiFG, or visit thePIUSI.

Also visit the pump family pageE120, which also includes theE 120M + FLANGE D.80, within the PIUSI website.


PIUSI E120 is an electric pump for the transfer of diesel fuel. In any case, it is suitable for all applications that require a product that is durable over time and capable of providing high performance.

PIUSI E120 is a very versatile pump. In fact, it is suitable to find application in various sectors, including automotive and agriculture. It is a volumetric, rotary, self-priming vane pump. It is reliable at low temperatures and is equipped with a high degree of sealing, as well as a solid and durable body. E 120M is an easy to install pump. It is particularly suitable for fuel distribution and transfer systems, as well as other industrial applications.

The compact cast iron construction makes the E120 electric pump the perfect system in terms of performance and reliability.

Key Features:

Among the pumps for the transfer of diesel, the E120 electric pump includes in particular a by-pass valve for precise regulation of the flow rate transferred, during the delivery phase, with a flow rate of up to 100 l/min.

The vane pump has a sintered steel rotor; the pallets are made of POM. The engine is equipped with a robust aluminium casing. It is therefore definitely a reliable and quality product. This pump is suitable for continuous cycle use, up to 30 minutes. Thermal protection protects it in case of engine overloads.

A filter is also incorporated into the PIUSI E120 electric pump. Flanges are available on request.

Manufacturer code: 000326000


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Weight14817 g
Dimensions450 × 300 × 400 mm

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