Crankshaft seal kit for PANTHER 56/72. Suitable for PANTHER 56 230V/50Hz electric pump (FG-0531, F00730000).

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The crankshaft seal kit for PANTHER 56/72 finds application inside the electric pumpPANTHER 56 230V/50Hz (F00730000).

Electric Pump Panther 56 230V/50HZ

The pump for the transfer of diesel Panther 56 was designed to satisfy all those application requirements that require a high performance product and durable over time.

The Panther 56 electric pump for the transfer of diesel oil is very versatile, finding its use in different sectors. These include automotive, agriculture and transport.

PIUSI Panther 56 is characterized by high tightness; it also maintains a high level of reliability even at low temperatures. Specifically, it is a rotary, volumetric pump of the self-priming vane type. Other important features of the PIUSI Panther 56 are the robust body and the remarkable ease of installation. Find application in multiple industrial applications. However, it is certainly suitable for fitting to diesel distributors and fuel transfer systems.

It guarantees high performance and reliability thanks to its compact cast iron structure. It is equipped with a by-pass valve and allows flow rates up to 90 l/min.

The pump has sintered steel rotor and POM pallets; the motor casing is made of aluminium. The Panther 56 230V/50HZ electric oil pump is suitable to be used in a continuous cycle. It is absolutely reliable even in case of engine overloads.

Power: 600W

Current consumption: 3A max.

Pressure: between 1 and 1.5 bar

Manufacturer code: R11737000


Additional information

Weight7 g
Dimensions150 × 125 × 5 mm

Manufacturer Code


Suitable for

PANTHER 56 230V/50HZ PIUSI (F00730000) – PANTHER 72 230V/50HZ (000732000) – PANTHER DC 12V (F0034000B) – PANTHER DC 24_12V (F0034100C) – PANTHER 56 400V/50HZ (000733000)

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