The COMET Piston Gasket Kit for KX is used inside COMET KX products, a series of cold water water cleaning machines.

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The COMET Piston Gasket Kit for KX is used inside the COMET KX series hydro-cleaners.

KX Series

COMET KX is a series of cold water pressure cleaners. These products are equipped with the prestigious COMET three-piston axial pump. The head is made of aluminum alloy for the model KX 1400, brass for the hydro cleaning machine KX 1500. The frame, with high structural strength, as well as shock-resistant, is made of plastic material. The motor pump is arranged with a vertical axis and an upward motor.

The COMET KX series of hydro-cleaners is equipped with the ‘TOTAL STOP’ device (optional), which allows the electric motor to be switched off automatically when the lance is closed. The pressure is easily adjustable via the practical pressure indicator. The cleaning suction can be activated by the launcher. The maximum working pressure level can be used with the KX 1400 water cleaner is 140 bar, while for the KX 1500 it is equal to 150 bar.

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Part number: 5019003300


Additional information

Weight8 g
Dimensions50 × 50 × 10 mm

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Suitable for

KX 1400 – KX 1500

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