BP3000 12V LINE 3/4″BSP 2900RPM PIUSI


BP3000 12V LINE 3/4″BSP 2900RPM PIUSI (manufacturer number: F00357500, FG code: FG-0679). BP3000 12V LINEA 3/4″BSP 2900RPM PIUSI is a self-priming electric pump for diesel transfer.

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BP3000 12V LINE 3/4″BSP 2900RPM LEAD

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BP3000 12V LINEA 3/4″BSP 2900RPM PIUSI is a self-priming electric Pump for diesel transfer.

Manufacturer code: F00357500


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What does the functional control of a sprayer machine consist of?

Functional control is a set of tests involving the sprayer machine. The purpose is to evaluate its correct functionality. Such operations require the aid of appropriate equipment. It is also necessary to follow a specific test protocol. In any case they must be carried out by authorized personnel.

Why is it essential to have a functional sprayer machine (and well adjusted)?

First to achieve considerable savings in plant protection product. This results in an advantage in terms of money and time (thanks to the reduction of volumes employed). However, it allows you to accurately distribute the desired volumes and quantities of product. So, in essence, the effectiveness of treatment improves. It also makes it possible to significantly limit environmental pollution. This is also reflected in increased operator safety.

When do I need to calibrate and adjust the sprayer?

It is important to carefully plan interventions on your equipment. There are many factors that affect this. Changing the wheels of the tractor or trailer, for example; replacing the on-board computer; changing the nozzles or manometer; or performing maintenance operations. In any case, the functional check must be carried out periodically.

Field conditions may then require adjustments to be made before treatment. This, for example, to limit drift or to respect border areas.

BP3000 12V LINE 3/4″BSP 2900RPM PIUSI

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