AUTOMATIC GUN PIUSI A60 1″ is a pistol equipped with a full tank automatic flow stop device. It is also complete with a swivel fitting.

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PIUSI A60 is an automatic gun that includes a full tank automatic flow stop system. It also incorporates a brass swivel fitting.

General Features:

The PIUSI A60 automatic gun is suitable for diesel delivery. It is also extremely versatile. It is applied in various sectors, including the following: AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRIAL, LOGISTIC, MINING, CONSTRUCTION and NAVAL.

The PIUSI A60 automatic gun has an aluminium structure. This is wrapped in a rubber protection. As a result, the A60 gun turns out to be robust, as well as comfortable. The rubber protection, in particular, protects the gun from bumps and makes the handle comfortable even at low temperatures. The PIUSI A60 gun is black. The lever guard also avoids accidental operation of the automatic gun.

The PIUSI A60 1″F BLACK automatic gun falls into the PIUSI product category called ‘AUTOMATIC NOZZLEes’.


The PIUSI A60 automatic gun is able to deliver fluid flow rates up to a maximum of 70 l/min (i.e. 19 GPM). The output spout of the PIUSI A60 gun has a diameter of 24 mm. The swivel fitting has a 1″ female connection. Finally, the weight of the automatic gun is equal to 1.25 kg.

Manufacturer code: F00603060


Additional information

Weight7830 g
Dimensions580 × 375 × 180 mm

Manufacturer Code


Suitable for

CUBE 70/33 (F0059100A) – CUBE 56/33 (00057500C) – CUBE 56/K33 DC 12V (F0057600C) – ZZCUBE 70 MC 2.0 120 V 60HZ NPT (F00596200) – ST PANTHER 56 K33/F/6MT/PA60 (F00386F60)

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